Monty Cerf

Monty Cerf Discusses Ways to Stay Active in Higher Education

Monty Cerf

In addition to the work that Monty Cerf performs as a wealth management advisor, he is known for holding a variety of positions at Montclair State University. Cerf, a Montclair resident of over 30 years, loves the town and is extremely fond of finding new ways to serve the college. He realizes that many people have shown an interest in becoming more active in the communities of their alma matter or local college and, here, he lists a few ways that these individuals can enter the fold.

Adjunct Teaching and Lecturing

Monty has worked as an adjunct and lecturer at Montclair State University and speaks to the benefits that these positions can have both for the professor and student body. Lecturing in any capacity is one of the most active roles that one can take in collegiate education, as it places you directly in front of the community that you are working for the betterment of. It gives you the ability to teach, not only the relevant course material, but insights that you have learned along the way in your area of expertise. People often remember some of their favorite teachers, even from as long ago as grade school, and lecturing at a collegiate level empowers a professor to embody all the things you find indispensable in an educational professional. This helps your students along their individual educational paths and gives you plenty of things to strive for as a person as well. If you have the education and necessary credentials to teach a course, working as a lecturer can be a great way to see the impact of your field.


Collegiate mentorship programs can be an excellent way to stay active in higher education while working to have an impact on students. As a mentor at Montclair, Monty Cerf has helped guided students to reach their potential as scholars and to find their bearings as people starting their lives as independent adults. One of the most rewarding parts of being a mentor is that it puts people in the position to nurture college students’ aspirations by assisting with the tools necessary to be successful in whatever path they choose. Mentors can help with specific aspects of a career that college students may not be fully informed on such as goal setting, networking, job seeking, interview skills, and job retention. Mentors also are an important resource for assisting with things that may be specific to the mentee. For instance, a mentee that is frequently late to important appointments may need assistance from their mentor with time managementskills.

Advisory Board Work

Many people that have become successful in their area of expertise do not consider serving on an advisory board- but there are many reasons that they should. Monty Cerf frequently acknowledges that serving on the advisory board for Montclair State University is an impactful and rewarding experience. Advisory boards are one of the most effective ways to support academic program accountability, in part by providing feedback and guidance as well as assisting with community collaborations and research. Depending on the institution, serving on an advisory board can contain some demanding work, but there is no question surrounding the amount of good it can do for the college community. It is not without its benefits for the board member as well. For example, because advisory board members need to stay up to date on programs to ensure they are current and relative to the field as it evolves, they can rest assured that they are not out of touch. Advisory boards are also an excellent way to stay connected with peers and work towards a common goal of continuously improving things for the next era of professionals.


Monty also supports scholarships for students every year at Montclair State, granted to motivated students who excel and compete for small but important grants.   The financial need is enormous as many are the first in their families to go to college and quite a number are immigrants or children or recent immigrants. Investing in education pays enormous dividends for all in the long term.